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Why is the baby formula shortage getting worse?

In the first week of April, 31% of baby formula products were out of stock.

HOUSTON — Why is the baby formula shortage getting worse?

As most parents of babies already know, there has been a baby formula shortage for the last couple of months. But instead of getting better, the issue appears to be worsening.

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Now, several big chain stores are limiting purchases to prevent hoarding. According to the Wall Street Journal, Target, Kroger, Walgreens and CVS are now rationing the vital product.

When it comes to what is to blame for the shortage, there's a lot of finger-pointing.

According to reports, in January, retailers blamed supply chain problems for the limited supply. But formula makers said there were no widespread problems on the manufacturing side. 

At that time, the shortage of baby formula was limited to certain areas and stores.

In February, Abbott Laboratories issued a recall for its baby formula after reports that some infants became seriously ill. That recall made the problem even worse. 

According to the Washington Post, for the week of April 3, roughly 31% percent of formula products were out of stock across the country. This is forcing some parents to drive from store to store to make sure their baby gets fed.

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