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Answering your questions on FED-ED extension unemployment benefits | Dollars and Sense

Many of you have texted our Dollars and Sense team questions on FED-ED. We’re answering the common questions.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — Many of you have texted our Dollars and Sense team questions on Federal-State Extended Duration (FED-ED), so ABC10 is answering the common questions.

FED-ED is an unemployment program available in California. It can provide up to 20 weeks of additional benefits for people during periods of high unemployment.

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Will I get FED-ED extension automatically?

If you are eligible, the Employment Development Department (EDD) will automatically file your FED-ED extension after you collect all Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) benefits or after the PEUC extension ends on Dec. 31, according to EDD.

What is the eligibility for FED-ED?

  • Have a regular unemployment insurance claim (UI) that started on or after May 19, 2019.
  • Used all benefits on your UI claim and the PEUC extension, or your claim has expired.
  • Do not qualify for a new UI claim in California or any other state.
  • Meet UI eligibility requirements and are not disqualified.
  • Made enough earnings in the base period of your regular UI claim.

FED-ED payments will be the same as the weekly benefit amount from your UI claim, however, there are limits to the total benefit amount.

Your maximum benefit amount will be the lesser of either:

  • 50% of the maximum benefit amount of your UI claim
  • 13 times the weekly benefit amount

EDD shared this example:

You received a weekly benefit amount of $400 and a maximum benefit amount of $8,800 in your last regular UI claim and you have collected all of the maximum benefit amount. To calculate the FED-ED maximum benefit amount:

  • Calculation 1: 50% of $8,800 = $4,400
  • Calculation 2: 13 X $400 = $5,200

Your FED-ED maximum benefit amount will be $4,400 because Calculation 1 is the lesser of the two.

Who should I reach out to if I have questions about FED-ED but can’t reach EDD? 

If you’re having issues in getting your unemployment benefits and unable to get ahold of EDD, reach out to your local senator or assemblyperson. They have liaisons with EDD that can help you.

To find your local representative, click HERE.

What can I do if I’m denied FED-ED extension?

If you are not eligible for FED-ED, EDD will mail a Notice of Determination for Federal-State Extended Duration Benefits within a week. The notice will explain why you are not eligible and how to appeal.

Will FED-ED work the same way as regular unemployment benefits?

You will need to certify for benefits by answering questions every two weeks to let EDD know if you are still unemployed and eligible to receive payments.

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FED-ED Extension Explained | Dollars and Sense

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