HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - One Houston-area fire department is warning homeowners after an overnight blaze at a home with a detached garage.

They blame a breezeway for helping the fire spread.

“We heard popping and actually thought it was gunshots,” said neighbor James Blake. “But it was the tires that were popping.”

Blake has a similar detached garage to the one that burned. It’s connected to the main house by a breezeway which is how the fire spread from the garage.

“Because it can travel across the connection,” said Blake.

The Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department posted a warning on its Facebook page following this fire.

“Many homes in the Katy area were built with breezeways that may not have firebreaks that would prevent or at least slow the fire’s progress into the home,” said the post.

“Fortunately, in this case, we knew that and cut it off quickly and just had minor damage in the kitchen area,” said Lt. Simon Vandyk on the scene of the fire.

You can see how the flames got into the kitchen above a doorway where the brick veneer does not extend.

“If you’ve got a home that has a detached garage, give us a call or talk to your local fire department,” said Vandyk. “Have someone come out to see if you have proper firebreaks.”

It’s something neighbors say they’ll consider after seeing how much damage this fire did to a garage and almost did to an entire home.