There’s push-back over new parking meters adjacent to Buffalo Bayou Park.

The meters are in new parking lots off Allen Parkway.

“I think it is going to be a really good addition, you know, for the parking,” said park visitor Juan Carlos Ayus.

But he has no plans to pay for parking.

“It should not restrict the people to enjoy the park,” Ayus said.

“I appreciate the parking, because it is troublesome to park around here,” said park visitor Valentina Orlati. “But the meters.”

City officials say they expected some resistance.

“Well, nobody likes parking meters,” said Maria Irshad with the City of Houston.

She met with us at one of the new meters, which cost the city $8,000 each.

“I mean, look around the area,” Irshad said. “There’s no parking here.”

She says the meters will free up space for as many park visitors as possible.

“In order to encourage turnover, you need to manage the parking space,” Irshad said. “And managing the parking space means putting a price on it.”

Unlike Memorial Park, where there are no meters, Allen Parkway’s proximity to downtown is another reason parking won’t be free.

“We need to prevent parkers from adjacent entities, like folks trying to get free parking and walking into downtown,” Irshad said.

She says walking, bicycling and taking the Metro to the area are all alternatives to the parking fee.

The new lots will open this Saturday. That’s when the new meters also go online. One dollar will get you a maximum of three hours.

For more information on parking, visit Buffalo Bayou Park's website.