A man desperately looking for his service dog finally has him back home, but only after a lengthy ordeal.

Wesam Alkhani lost his Siberian Husky named Scout two weeks ago while visiting friends in north Houston. Wesam has Epilepsy and needed Scout by his side. He looked for him for days and then found out the dog had been dropped off at the Pasadena Animal Shelter.

But by this time, he had already been adopted to another family.

KHOU 11 News told Wesam’s story. The family who adopted Scout saw the report and contacted Wesam.

“We were trying to figure out if it was him, and we watched the report, like, 20 times just trying to make sure it was him,” said Mike Evans.

They agreed to turn the dog back over to Wesam in the parking lot of the animal shelter.

“I can’t even describe it,” said Wesam while petting Scout’s head. “I got my dog back. This is the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.”

But for the Evans, saying goodbye was bittersweet.

“He’s a great dog,” Evans said. “He’s an absolutely great dog and we absolutely loved him. We’re just happy he’s able to be with his father and that he’s happy.”

Wesam remains grateful.

“I want to thank them from my heart,” he said.