MISSOURI CITY, Texas- Khloe Joiner, 4, of Missouri City can talk on and on about her favorite book Sleeping Beauty, and wanting to be a princess when she grows up.

KHOU 11's Ron Trevino spoke with Khloe who loves to chat about almost anything.

"I'm a chatterbox," said Khloe.

"Why do they say that?," asked Trevino. "I don't know, because I talk a lot," she said.

Lately, she's been talking a lot about police officers, after meeting motorcycle officer Jessica Berry of Missouri City Police.

"She's just the sweetest girl ever and she's adorable," said Berry.

But when Khloe first saw officer Berry patrolling the street,  she was too scared to even say “Hi”.  She was in the car with her grandmother, Billye Moutra.

"And I said, officers, you should not be afraid of them, they protect us. You should run to them, not away from them," said Moutra.

So Khloe started waving at the officer.

"I saw a little girl go out the window and wave, so I waved back at her and I completed my traffic stop and I ended up pulling a u-turn next to the vehicle. I was waiting for the light to change and waved “hi” again and the lights changed and we went our separate ways," said Berry.

But they quickly reconnected.

Khloe wanted to show the officer her appreciation. So she drew a picture of the officer and gave it to her.

But that wasn't it, she wanted to do even more.

Khloe started collecting money to buy books to give to police, so officers can give them to kids.

"A book is a good way to say, I'm your friend?," asked Trevino. “Yes,” responded Khloe.

Today another batch of books is handed over to the Missouri City Police Department and in turn, the kids they encounter.

All of this is thanks to Khloe and her family, a great example of folks who 'Stand for Houston.'

If you know of someone doing great work like this, let us know by emailing KHOU 11 at standsforhouston@khou.com.