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“It was not living in the pain that I was in”: Temple woman says CBD oil changed her life

You can use CBD in many different ways. The most common is in oil or tincture you put under your tongue.

TEMPLE, Texas — Cannabidoil has been quickly gaining popularity around the country since the 2018 farm bill legalized industrialized hemp, including the plants used to produce CBD.

Judy Corrigan is a licensed professional counselor who heard about CBD last summer when she decided to get her mother to try it.

“She was my first guinea pig,” Corrigan said. She’s 85 and she has arthritis, insomnia and some other issues. And we tried it on her and after three days she felt so much better."

Corrigan decided to open Centex CBD in Temple soon after her mother’s experience.

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“I wanted quality CBD products available to people, easily available," Corrigan said.

What is CBD?

"Cannabidiol is one of the over 100 compounds found in hemp and hemp is the primary source of CBD. It’s the best source of CBD," Corrigan said.

According to Corrigan, CBD is natural and can help with many different issues like inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness, and pain.

"There’s all kinds of pain. Muscle pain, nerve pain, migraines is one of the things it works great for," Corrigan said.

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She said it’s not a magic pill for everything.

"CBD is not a medication. CBD is not a miracle cure for everything,” Corrigan said.

Cannabidoil won’t get you high.

“CBD is not from marijuana. It’s not weed. It’s not illegal," Corrigan said.

You can use CBD in many different ways. The most common is in oil or tincture you put under your tongue.

"You hold it there for about a minute before you swallow. You put it under your tongue because that is how it can hit your system very rapidly," Corrigan said.

There are also capsules in varying strengths and more precise dosages.

"They take a little longer to get into your system, but it lasts a little longer," said Corrigan.

Salves and creams can help with topical pain and you can even find it in bath bombs and beauty products.

"We have a lot of fun putting it on people when they come into the store because they can see a difference in sometimes minutes," Corrigan said.

Hannah Montgomery lived a life in pain before finding CBD.

"It wasn't living, like, I was not living in the pain that I was living in," Montgomery said.

Montgomery suffers from Fibro Myalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She said Corrigan had to convince her to try Nexcel CBD-- which she sells at her store-- because the other CBD products Montgomery found online didn't work.

“I didn't want to try it because I was tired, tired of it all, and about three days later I noticed I wasn’t in pain,” Montgomery said. I felt good and that was strange to me."

Now, after three months, Montgomery said she’s had no flare ups at all from any of her pain conditions.

“I have more energy, I work now. My mood is better. I sleep better,” she said.

Montgomery now works with Corrigan and preaches the message of CBD to anyone who walks into Centex CBD.

"I love to help people because I can see the pain in people’s eyes because I've been there," Montgomery said, “It’s a prison of your own body, and I see it in people and then I see them come back for CBD, and I see the light in people's eyes because they actually get to live now."

Corrigan and Montgomery stress the importance of finding quality CBD products. They also advise speaking with a doctor before trying CBD, because it can interfere with certain medications.

You can find out more about the products Corrigan carries at Centex CBD by visiting their Facebook page.


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