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Women turning to celebrity inspiration for plastic surgery

Women are going to extreme measures for an extreme makeover.

HOUSTON — Happily ever after, Meghan Markle’s life is a modern day fairytale. She’s America’s princess on the arm of an actual Prince Charming.

Forget the American Dream; that's the life we females fantasize.

But for Xochytl Greer, fantasy wasn’t enough.

“I was just very down on myself," Greer said. “It didn’t matter how much makeup I put on. It didn’t matter how I fixed my hair. I just didn’t feel good.”

She wanted to reel it in a little closer.

“When she walks into a room, I’m sure everyone is going to turn and say, 'Who’s that girl?'” Greer said.

So after $30,000 in plastic surgery, Greer became that girl, giving her the "Meghan Markle sparkle" she’d only seen on TV.

“It’s making me feel more like me, where I had really lost that," Greer said.

For Dr. Franklin Rose, the celebrity sensation isn’t new.

“This has gone on forever, in terms of the culture dictates beauty to a certain respect," said Dr. Rose with Utopia Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.

The plastic surgeon has been bringing leading ladies to life for years where the makeup is only half the magic, and women go to extreme measures for an extreme makeover.

“What we do is we just kind of look at the patient, see what their goals are, and then see how close we can get to achieving those goals," Dr. Rose said.

But Meghan Markle’s not his only masterpiece.

“She juggles a lot, and she does it with grace and poise, and I think that’s admirable," Jenny Stewart said.

For Stewart, her inspiration: Ivanka.

“Injectable fillers is the way to go to get the fullness in your face," Stewart said.

But Claudia Sierra was more of a Melania.

“There were looks of hers that I wanted to duplicate," Sierra said. “I just kept seeing her all over the news and magazines and papers. I'm just like, she’s beautiful and everything. Elegant and beautiful and polished.”

So they did it. They went under the knife to reveal a new life.

“I felt like I always was supposed to look like this," Sierra said.

But it’s not a transformation taken lightly.

From Jennifer Lopez’s booty to Angelina Jolie’s lips, the desires change with the times. But always seem to stem from celebrities.

“Then there was a period of time there was this animated figure, Jessica Rabbit. She was very curvy," Dr. Rose said.

Dr. Rose just has one rule: keep it real.

“If you try to do too much, well, A, it’s bad, it's not natural. And B, disaster can lurk, so you have to be very, very careful in plastic surgery," Dr. Rose said.

But for these women, it’s not about the fame.

“You want to be a better person of yourself, not a clone of someone else," Stewart said.

Even with the criticism, it’s the confidence they crave.

“If people understood why we all do this, you know, they would maybe ease up a little more. Some of us had domestic violence issues. Nose was broken, Dr. Rose repaired it. Breast cancer, Dr. Rose repaired it," Sierra said.

Their new looks might not be their own, but help them feel more at home than ever before.


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