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Pink tax: Do women pay more than men for the same products?

A study says it's up to 7 percent more!

HOUSTON — The glass ceiling, wage gap, whatever you want to call it, the fight for equal pay has been going on for decades, but what’s happening in the office may also be happening in the aisle.

It’s called the 'Pink Tax.' A 2015 study of gender pricing in New York compared nearly 800 products with clear male and female versions, and found on average, women products cost seven percent more than men.

If you’re a woman, all sorts of curse words may come to mind.

The study looked at things like clothing, personal products and senior health care. It found that women pay more across all industries, but personal care had the biggest price discrepancy where women pay on average 13 percent more.

The biggest gaps being in hair care with an average discrepancy of $2.71 and razor cartridges an average discrepancy of $1.69.

They even found a discrepancy in children’s toys and clothes. One example, the study found that girls toys cost an average of about $2.50 more than boys.

A dollar here, fifty cents there, what’s the big deal? But over the course of a woman’s lifetime, it can all add up pretty quick.

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