HOUSTON, Texas — 7/2 UPDATE: The dog has been found and a man --  Dutch Christopher Long -- has been arrested and charged with Class A theft.  His photo is at the bottom of this article.

A Houston woman is stopping at nothing to bring her family dog home. She believes the dog was stolen, but they’re begging anyone who sees her to bring her back. 

With each spray and every staple, their cry for help gets a little louder. 

“There wasn’t anything I would stop at. I would do anything," Kathy Katcher said. 

Katcher’s dog for six years is missing, gone without a trace. 

“Everything was just so quiet outside. It was like the minute before a storm, it was eerily quiet. And I just knew she was gone," Katcher said. 

Saylor, their Jack Russel Terrier, disappeared almost two weeks ago. 

Katcher is legal guardian to Sam.

“I couldn’t live without her. I love her so much," Sam said. 

He was at camp when she went missing.

“And I wanted to find her before he got home," Katcher said. 

But, he’s back and still no sign of Saylor. 

Kathy thinks she was stolen, but she’s stopping at nothing to get her back. 

She started with signs, flyers in the neighborhood and on the street.

“And then my mind went to they need to be bigger because people need to see more," Katcher said. 

She’s offering up her own money and she’s built a website. 

“I even turned down an offer on my house, we can’t move until we find this dog," Katcher said. 

It’s disappointment and desperation that’s driving her to do anything and everything.

“She is part of our family, and it’s not complete with her," Sam said. 

“She gave us so much love and she would expect us to do the same for her," Katcher said. 

Dutch Christopher Lindeburg
Dutch Christopher Lindeburg