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Arizona Husky becomes neighborhood roof watch

Nala's neighbors have given her the nickname Pigeon.

ARIZONA, USA — Some dogs like nice, quiet walks in the park. Others may enjoy a game of fetch. But Nala the Husky's favorite hobby is a bit...unique. 

Nala has been recognized as the neighborhood watch in her town in Glendale, Arizona, and let's just say Nala has the best view in the community for patrolling.

Instead of strolling the streets of her neighborhood, Nala keeps watch on the roof of her home. 

"I believe she's a watchdog. She just sits up there. It's so funny," said her owner, Jason Camarena.

To most people, a dog on the roof is an unsual sighting. Her owners have had to post on social media that she's not stuck on the shingles. But that doesn't stop people from calling the police.

Nala's neighbors have given her the nickname Pigeon.

"It's funny because when she's up there they're still up there. The pigeons," Camarena said.

Camarena and his mom took Nala in two years ago when other family members couldn't provide the backyard she needed.

"Now she's very happy and outgoing," Camarena said.

Happy, outgoing and free to roam wherever she pleases. Even the roof. 

"We try to give her a limit like maybe like 20 minutes, half hour, but during the winter she could stay out there as long as she wants. We don't mind. At the end of the day, you know, she's just enjoying the view up there," Camarena said. 

Nala not only likes to take walks on the roof of her home, but she also loves to take a dip in the pool in her backyard. 

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