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Why are work dress codes getting the pink slip?

Workers are showing more skin as companies return to the office.

HOUSTON — The traditional office dress code has been slowly slipping away.

Open-toed shoes, visible tattoos, and jeans have become commonplace in recent years. That’s partly because all those things have become more acceptable to society at large, but there is also a pandemic component.

As big businesses tried to lure workers back into a physical office as the pandemic waned, they did away with strict dress codes to make it more palatable. Even conservative firms like Goldman Sachs embraced a more casual look.

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There is one trend in workplace wardrobes that has shocked some of the older crowd. According to the New York Times, younger employees have started wearing crop tops to the office.

As these brand new workers showcase their stomachs and show off their looks on TikTok, the responses can be harsh. While they get labeled unprofessional by critics, others praise breaking boundaries.

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Except these younger workers tell the New York Times that crop tops are not just about self-expression. A lot of it is about money.

This generation doesn’t feel the need to splurge on an entirely new wardrobe just for their job. Instead, they prefer pieces they can wear for a night out and a day inside a cubicle.

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