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HIDDEN GEM: Danjoy's Homemade Pasta

Before they go home, customers come together to enjoy the pastas they mixed, kneaded, rolled, formed, boiled and topped with Danjoy’s homemade sauce.

KATY, Texas — Pasta lovers, this one's for you. A Katy couple started up a business with the goal of teaching you how to make your own tortellini, ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti and more.

"My father-in-law .... is a master chef and he got his master’s in Italian cuisine," said Giancarlo Danjoy. "He taught me how to make pasta seven years ago because my mother-in-law won a KitchenAid from Members Choice Credit Union."

"It's so random," laughed wife Reyna.

Five years ago, the couple started Danjoy’s Homemade Pasta as a way to share their knowledge with others.

"Anything you can think of with pasta, we do," Reyna said. "We have cooking classes. We have kids camp. It’s a great date night. Teambuilding."

"Everything’s customizable," added Giancarlo. "Everything’s private. We don’t have a minimum. I would say, max, about 20 people."

The day KHOU 11 stopped by, seven people had signed up to learn how to make the dough from scratch with just semolina and water, then shape it with different tools.

"It’s just something that brings families and friends together, something you can do that’s very hands-on," Reyna said. "The ingredients are so simple, so I think people take away that’s something they can actually do at home."

Before they head out, the group comes together to enjoy the pasta they mixed, kneaded, rolled, formed, boiled and topped with Danjoy’s homemade sauce.

"We want them to start making pasta at home. With their family. With their kids. With their loved ones," emphasized Giancarlo.

Booking a class is easy. You can do it online or by emailing Giancarlo. Classes can cost as little as $15 or as much as $150 depending on what and how much you want to make.

"It was really incredible. Just had a really fun time hanging out with our friends and making pasta. It’s a lot harder than it looks," Lauren Flathouse, one of the visitors, said. "My daughter has a birthday coming up and she loves all things pasta, so what a fun experience that you get to create something you get to enjoy eating."

Giancarlo hopes the techniques his father-in-law instilled in him will help this family owned business bring more families together.

"We have a big future planned out," he said. 

To learn more about Danjoy's Homemade Pasta, click here.

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