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HIDDEN GEM: TerraMar Imports

The company’s warehouse is packed with everything from plate sets to balsamic pearls to cookies, all scouted by TerraMar’s trained procurement team.

HOUSTON — Foodies, listen up. There’s a Hidden Gem in Houston that wants to help you expand your culinary horizons.

"We’re a younger startup, but we have so much momentum going," said Caroline Laramore, the vice president of sales for TerraMar Imports.

When the company started in 2021, it focused on bringing paella equipment and ingredients from Western Europe to Houston. 

"We’ve just been growing so much in that short amount of time," Laramore said, adding that the company's ecommerce site launched in June 2022. "Now we're finding the best olive oils you can from southern Spain or bringing really unique pastas from Italy."

The company’s warehouse is packed with everything from plate sets and serving boards to balsamic pearls and cookies. It's all scouted by TerraMar’s trained procurement team, which travels to Western Europe about four times a year.

"They don’t just go to the shows and supermarkets and pick whatever looks good; these guys are digging deep," explained Laramore. "They’re going to the artisanal people. They’re finding people who work at a family farm."

Then, she added, the team works with vendors to get products ready for market and helps them ship everything overseas.

"It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to bring all these cool items here, but we’re so passionate about it, it doesn’t always feel like work," Laramore said. "I’m so proud of what we do here and the amount of time we pour into making this place special."

TerraMar's offerings can take your charcuterie board to the next level, provide the ingredients for a special dinner or become a thank you gift.

"If you have a big ol’ list of people you need to send out thank you notes to or thank you gifts to, we take care of that for you. We’ll ship them to them for you," said Laramore. "We’ll make it easy."

You can shop it all online at TerraMarImports.com, then get one-day delivery within Houston or pick it up yourself. Use code KHOU15 to get 15 percent off sitewide from March 9 to March 12. 

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