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HIDDEN GEM: Froberg's Farm

The Alvin farm offers visitors the chance to pick their own strawberries, blueberries and more.

ALVIN, Texas — Four-wheeling around Froberg’s Farm, Tyler Froberg pointed out the crops coming up.

"Everything from strawberries, which we’re best known for, to seasonal greens like collards and mustards, and even our famous blackberries," he said.

His great-great grandparents started farming in Alvin when they got here around the turn of the century. His great-grandpa bought the property in 1936 that houses the farm.

"In 1942, when WWII broke out, the draft took all the young men and he didn’t have any labor," said Alfred Froberg, Tyler's uncle. "So he had a crazy idea: I’m going to let people pick their own."

Thousands of them did.

"After that, grandpa said, ‘We’ll never ship another strawberry. Everything will be pick-your-own,'" Alfred shared.

This year’s crop mostly survived the December freeze, but you can tell where the frost cloth blew off some rows.

"We do our best. Ultimately, we can’t control Mother Nature. We can’t control how cold it gets or how quickly it warms up after that," Tyler said. "We can only hope for the best and do all the preparation we can for it."

Tyler explains all of that on his popular TikTok page, which has more than 700,000 followers.

"How it’s grown, how it’s harvested, that’s what people are lacking," Tyler explained. "We want to show people that."

Froberg’s also offers produce in its farmer’s market, which is open daily. It’s full of everything you’d expect to find at the store and more, such as pecan-cracking machines and homemade round and fried pies.

"They’re all super-secret family recipes," laughed Tyler.

The store also offers grains, preserves and other shelf-stable items, which are available via Froberg's online store

Learn more about Froberg's Farm here.

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