HOUSTON — We’re giving you a sneak peek at a new scare coming to town.

For the first time, the world-famous 13th Floor Haunted House is opening a permanent location here in Houston after setting up shop in Austin and San Antonio.

It’s called 13th Floor, but the haunted house is just one story.

“Every room will have a different surprise, a different element, a different scare," said General Manager Jeremy Tucker. “It feels like you’re walking through this live movie environment the whole time.”

The maze of misery will take about 30 to 45 minutes to go through. It's a nightmare that you walk, crawl or probably, just cry your way through.

“A lot of people can’t make it through our haunted house," Tucker said.

It's sure to fuel all your fears.

“We’ve got clowns. We’ve got zombies. We’ve got demons. We’ve got monsters. We’ve got ghosts. Anything you can think of. Whatever phobia someone has, spiders, snakes. They’re everywhere," Tucker said.

The house opens in Houston in just a couple of weeks. For more information, tap/click here.