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Affordable stocking stuffers for kids under $20

From Mini Brands to Brawl Stars to Cats vs Pickles, The Toy Insider has a few ideas for stocking stuffers for the kiddos that won't break the bank.

HOUSTON — The cost of stocking stuffers for the kids can add up fast. We have some popular ideas that won’t break the holiday budget.

We get help from Deborah Stallings Stumm, the media correspondent with The Toy Insider. She shared shared four ideas for stocking stuffers priced under $20. 

“We have editors who literally hand select every single item in our holiday gift guide because we want it only to be the best of the best,” Stumm said. “They look at originality. They look at safety. They look at play value.”

Pick #1 is the Mini Brands Gold Rush for $9.99. They’re tiny versions of everyday products packaged into a capsule.  

“There are 35 different mini golden versions of all different food brands that you will recognize. You also get a shopping cart that you can put together which is really cute," Stumm said.

Pick # 2 is the Brawl Stars 4.5-inch action figure for $12.99. Stumm said the figures are true-to-character and even come in a plush version.

Pick #3 is the Cra-Z-Slimy maker in jars and buckets. The prices range from $5-99-$19.99. The slime is scented and has some serious stretch.

“It’s super buttery and the pull is fantastic,” Stumm said.

Pick # 4 is the Cats vs Pickles bean bag characters. They range in price from $4.99-$19.99 and you get a mystery bag to open. Strum said this popular toy is a spinoff from the viral cat videos.

“The folks at Cepia toys have created an animated line of Cat versus Pickles, she said. “It’s very,very clever.”

You can find a lot of other ideas on their website www.thetoyinsider.com.

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