HOUSTON – A Houston woman is one step closer to adopting a baby girl she welcomed into her home after Hurricane Harvey.

On Wednesday, Dr. Bernada Baker was surprised with a special donation that will go toward the adoption of that little girl.

Dr. Baker thought she was walking into a meeting to discuss the next steps in the adoption process.

Little did she know she would be walking into a room that would make her first Mother’s Day that much sweeter.

It was a room full of people she did not expect to see – Houston native and hip hop star Paul Wall and members of Cricket Wireless on hand to celebrate the bond Baker has developed with 15-month-old Bella.

Bella had been living in a car with her dad before Harvey.

Dr. Baker opened her home to Bella shortly after the storm.

Since then the two have been inseparable.

“It’s been a hard experience," Dr. Baker said. "First-time new mom, unexpected but I’ve been fighting hard to just protect this baby and make sure that she has the very, very best.”

Bella’s father can’t provide a stable home and agreed to an open adoption.

Dr. Baker is now trying to raise $15,000 to adopt her.

“I’m in the trenches of motherhood because everything has fallen on me: financially, the day-to-day responsibilities," she said "It’s a lot but she’s well worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Paul Wall and Cricket Wireless help present Baker with a check for $4,500 to go toward adoption fees.

Wall thanked Dr. Baker for her selfless act and shared his personal story of being adopted as a child.

“It put something inside of me to show me that I was loved and wanted and somebody did want me,” Wall said. "So I definitely want to thank you for what you’re doing for Baby Bella and the rest of the community."

Also, Dr. Baker received $500 in gifts for Bella.

She never expected any of this to happen after meeting Bella for the first time and now can never see a life without the big blue-eyed girl she’s proud to call her daughter.

Dr. Baker said Bella’s dad will still be a big part of her life.

She said he’s a great father who did his best under the circumstances he was in.

They’ve worked hard together to make sure she did not land in the system.

Dr. Baker hopes to have Baby Bella’s adoption finalized by July.