It just takes a moment to completely make someone's day.

The Harrisburg Fire Department is being praised on social media after they threw a surprise birthday party for a little boy, Jackson, who was devastated after all but one of his guests canceled on him.

According to the fire department, the morning of Jackson's third birthday, a mother called the station asking if her son could take a tour of the station. Not an odd request.

Then the mother explained all but one of her son's guests had canceled on him last minute. He was devastated.

The men and women at Harrisburg FD knew they had to do something more. So they went to the store and bought balloons and cupcakes for Jackson and threw him a party, right there at the fire station.

" He got a tour of the station and of the rig, and to top it off we all sang him happy birthday and watched him blow out his candles. Happy birthday Jackson we hope you had a fantastic day," the fire department wrote on Facebook.