TEMPLE, Texas — Baby fever is alive and well in Baylor Scott and White's newborn intensive care unit as more than a dozen nurses are expecting themselves.

Some of the women have already had their bundles of joy, but at one point 19 nurses were pregnant at the same time. 

Of the 19, 15 showed up with their babies or bumps for a special photo shoot the hospital held on Wednesday. A few of the other moms-to-be were still working during the shoot.

On a floor full of women, staff said a pregnancy or two is expected, but having 19 pregnant nurses at the same time was something they weren't prepared for.

"We keep a list in our office just so we know what assignments are appropriate because pregnant nurses can't take care of certain assignments,” Cat Cays, a NICU nurse at the hospital, said. “We just slowly started realizing the list was growing and growing and growing. By the time we got to fifteen we were like oh lord what are we going to do?”

The women said sharing the experience has created a special kind of support network.