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H-E-B implements purchasing limits on meat in Central Texas and San Antonio regions

At this time, the limits do not apply to stores in the Houston area.

SAN ANTONIO — UPDATE: H-E-B has introduced new purchasing limits on meat in the San Antonio and Central Texas regions as coronavirus strains America's food supply chain.

Customers will be limited to two packages of ground beef and two total packages of either beef, chicken, pork, or turkey.

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Original Story:

A few weeks into a period that has seen H-E-B implement modified store hours and temporary product-buying limits, the Texas grocer is now easing some of those policies. 

There are no longer any limits on buying toilet paper, for one, as an initial wave of panic-buying the product has since dissipated. As far as food, there are no longer any purchasing limits. 

Customers are limited in how much of certain products they can still buy, however, including baby wipes (two items), hand sanitizer (four) and masks (two). The full updated list can be found on H-E-B's website here

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