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Here's why you may want to avoid waiting until your tank reaches 'E'

Experts share what can go wrong if you try to stretch your tank too far.

HOUSTON — It’s undoubtedly something we’ve all done — trying to get the most out of that expensive tank of gas and taking that fuel gauge all the way to “E."

“Well running on empty can actually cost you a lot more in the long run," says AAA Texas Spokesperson Daniel Armbruster.

But as Armbruster tells us, running that risk could be a major expense waiting to happen.

“… in fact it can cost over $500 if you end up causing any damage to your fuel systems," says Armbruster.

That potential damage can include damage to your fuel line and other parts important to your fuel system.

But there’s also the other, maybe more obvious danger, getting stranded on the side of the road.

“It also puts you in danger if you’re on the side of the highway because then you’re waiting for emergency help and then of course it’s very hot outside, your vehicle’s not operating so you don’t have A/C as well," he says.

Something even technology, that tells you how much gas you have left, might not be able to prevent.

“The problem is those systems are usually gauging based on your driving behavior. Well if your driving behavior changes a little bit here and there, that system might have a hard time gauging just how much you have left in the tank," says Armbruster.

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According to AAA Texas, gas prices in the state hit another record high on Monday.

They recommend looking for a place to fill up when you get down to a quarter of a tank.

You can also use AAA TripTik to plan your route and find gas stations along the way.

Why you should plan your next road trip with AAA 

And on the flip side, there might be those people who think “topping off," or filling your tank past that “click,” is a good idea. Armbruster says it’s not only bad for the environment but also your wallet.

“It could leak fuel onto but also you will lose fuel because most gas stations now have a device that once it senses the vehicle has topped off that gas it will pull the gasoline back into the pump system so you may be paying for gas that you’re not even going to be able to use," he says.

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The best to avoid problems this busy travel season, Armbruster says, is to be prepared.

“Especially this summer, the top reasons we’ll see roadside emergencies — flat tires, dead batteries and engine problems — and also certainly people running out of fuel can be part of that as well," says Armbruster.

According to AAA Texas, they responded to 23,000 roadside emergencies over the Memorial Day weekend. Some of those people ran out of gas.

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