MANVEL, Texas — A closely guarded Louisiana connection helps one restaurant get fresh crawfish weeks before Thanksgiving.

You could wait until March to finally get your hands on some crawfish, or take yourself to Honore’s Cajun Café, where season just began.

Brook Honore has been preparing crawfish for 25 years, but only recently opened his restaurant off Highway 6.

It takes that long to get the right connections and make getting crawfish before Turkey Day a possibility.

Thursday’s first haul had people waiting in lines outside the doors before they even opened.

“They’re like dude, this is not supposed to happen,” Honore said.

Brook said he was home about a month ago, when he found a live crawfish casually tucked underneath his rear tires. It was that moment when he knew crawfish would be in healthy supply, sooner than later.

It didn’t take long for Brook to call to his connect. With a little convincing, Brook said he gets his crawfish from Louisiana, but that’s as much as he’s willing to disclose.

He follows up by saying, “you take care of people and people take care of you.”

All that head-scratching and confusion means little once you dig in. Stunned customers said they saw a post on Facebook, and had to try it themselves. They weren’t disappointed.

“When you’re blessed, good things happen,” Honore said.

Every day is hit or miss. So as fast as they got this crawfish here, it could be gone before you know it.