HOUSTON — People are lining up for one of the newest food trucks in town.

In Texas, barbecue is king, so it's no wonder Houston Sauce Pit is making waves. But make no bones about it, the dishes selling out the fastest don't even have meat.

Houston Sauce Pit has only been open for two weeks and it already has a solid following.

"I ended up at this intersection because my daughter is pregnant. She lives in Sugar Land and she swears by this food," Tammy Wiltz said. "Normally there are specific rules when it comes to barbecue. I'm from Louisiana where we have ribs and chicken on the pit."

Houston Sauce Pit is doing BBQ a whole new way. Co-owner Courtney Lindsay has been vegan for three years so his take on Texas barbecue? Going meatless.

"Pretty much anything that we like that we want to eat we'll make it vegan," Lindsay said. "What does chicken taste like before you put salt and pepper on it? Nothing. What does steak taste like before you put salt and pepper on it? Nothing. Vegan food is just food, our vegan food, is food that tastes good and it happens to have no meat or no dairy."

Lindsay said anyone who claims it isn't real barbecue is wrong.

"Honestly, man, barbecue is smoked. Barbecue is cooking over an open flame," Lindsay said. "The people that come, maybe 40% are not vegan. Not vegan at all. By a long shot. But they come because the food tastes good." 

Customers say they can't tell the difference.

"It actually tastes just like regular food. Sometimes it's hard for you to tell that it's vegan," Wiltz said.

Houston Sauce Pit's food truck moves around, so be sure to check its Instagram page to see where they'll be next.

"Try us out before you knock us," Lindsay said.

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