HOUSTON – A space-aged-looking, self-driving car will soon be delivering pizzas in Space City.

Domino’s Pizza partnered with robotics company Nuro to bring the first autonomous pizza-delivery system to Houston beginning this fall.

“We are always looking for new ways to innovate and evolve the delivery experience for our customers,” said Kevin Vasconi, Domino’s executive vice president and chief information officer. “The opportunity to bring our customers the choice of an unmanned delivery experience and our operators an additional delivery solution during a busy store rush is an important part of our autonomous vehicle testing.”

Customers who order from select Domino’s locations online will receive the chance to choose the unmanned delivery. The car can be tracked through the Domino’s mobile app, and once it’s delivered, customers enter a pin code provided in the app to unlock the doors.

Domino’s didn’t say which Houston locations will participate in the pilot program.

The Nuro vehicle, named R2, looks like a small space capsule with cameras attached to the top. Two doors linked to a computer in the vehicle can only be opened with a pin code.

The R2 vehicles have been driving in the Houston area since March 2019, Nuro said in a statement.

“We see incredible opportunity in offering Nuro’s world-class autonomous technology to Domino’s customers, accelerating our shared mission to transform local commerce,” said Cosimo Leipold, Nuro’s head of partner relations.