HOUSTON – Courthouse workers, University of Houston-Downtown staff and theater patrons are among those anxiously awaiting to learn the fate of the old Spaghetti Warehouse downtown.

It’s been over a month since Hurricane Harvey caused Buffalo Bayou to leave its banks, flooding the restaurant and other nearby establishments with several feet of water. The restaurant remains closed at this time.

Photos: What it's like at the downtown Spaghetti Warehouse since Harvey

A spokesman for Spaghetti Warehouse this week tells KHOU 11 News the company is “still evaluating the building and will determine if we will repair the current building or relocate.”

Standing on the sidewalk you can see into the front of the establishment, much of which looks like it hasn’t been touched since the storm.

Furniture is turned over, there is dirt and mud on the floor along with what looks like some mold on the walls. Gone is some of the valuable wall art, but the bar remains stocked, and the main the front entrance still has a hostess stand with menus waiting for customers.

On the outside near the back of the building you can see where flooding knocked out a heavy portion of a concrete wall in the basement.

The brick building was built on the spot in the early 1900s and was purchased by the Dallas restaurant chain in the 1970s.

The restaurant is a downtown favorite, providing affordable Italian comfort food. But the building is also known for being one of the most haunted spots in Texas, with ghosts “living” on the second floor.

Spaghetti Warehouse says it is still “committed to staying in Houston” even if they cannot repair the old location.

The company has also established a fund to help employees who are now without a job:

“We are continuing to help all employees affected by the flood and the temporary closing of the restaurant. We would appreciate if you let your Followers know that we have set up a fund to help our employees during this difficult time. The website address for the fund is http://bit.ly/2h4eUUi .”

Photos: What it's like to bike along Buffalo Bayou after Harvey