HOUSTON — Here in the Bayou City we like our food just like our city: diverse. 

Vegan community, prepare your taste buds!

Two local men are stirring the pot, serving up soul food but in a different way. They call it Soul Food Vegan. 

Owners Chad Cossey and Chef Taliek had the idea to open a vegan restaurant that feeds the soul.

The concept comes from African American culture.

"Our motive and our goal are to provide a healthy living with the soul food twist to it, " said Cossey. "So many African Americans have health issues that include hypertension, diabetes and thyroid issues," he added.

The eatery takes enormous pride in the way they prepare their cuisine because health is their number one priority.

From Cauliflower Steak to Cajun Burgers, Chef Taliek is the man behind most of these mouth-watering alternatives.  

Soul Food Vegan is located in Midtown and aims to end food deserts, combat nutritional deficiencies while providing plant-based, alkaline goodness with a soulful twist.

And to top it off, customers do not have to dig deep in their pockets to enjoy the vegan experience.

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