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Did Blue Bell, Whataburger and H-E-B really team up for Honey Butter ice cream?

That's what a viewer spotted on social media and wanted us to verify.

BRENHAM, Texas — Blue Bell, Whataburger and H-E-B -- what more could a Texan ask for?  Our verify team is tackling a suspicious post – one that a viewer spotted.

Jessica Sanchez emailed us, writing, “I saw a post online showing an image of a new Blue Bell ice cream flavor -- Honey Butter -- from Whataburger. There was also a logo saying that it will be sold at H-E-B. Seems like a prank to me, but wondering if it's true."

Of course, that would be amazing -- two landmark Texas brands teaming up, even if the flavor sounds, well, unique.  So we went straight to the source on this one, taking Jessica's question to Jenny Van Dorf, the public relations manager at Blue Bell.

She told us no, this is not true. That's a photo from last year. A graphic designer was having fun creating new product ideas for Texas companies. She went on to say while this flavor sounds interesting and maybe delicious, we have no plans to create it at this time."

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