HOUSTON – Houston businesses are hitting home runs with Astros-inspired food and drinks.

Cake balls that look like baseballs are among the treats making the World Series a winner for Petite Sweets in Upper Kirby.

“People are loving it and we’re selling out,” said Sophie Molzan. “So, that’s really great.”

It may take a few runs around the bases to burn calories from the cookies, cupcakes and baseball-stuffed brownies.

Molzan’s mom is the pastry chef.

She also does public relations for the shop’s parent company.

“Halloween is usually the busy time already,” said Molzan. “So, we’re kind of having to do both with the World Series. But we’re making it work.”

Bakers are putting in extra innings to keep up with demand. Employees do the stitching, which is made of icing, by hand.

“So we have a lot of people working hard to get these desserts made,” said Molzan.

Astros inspired cocktails are what they’re making across town.

The folks at FM Kitchen & Bar wanted to make sure one of them came out looking like the team’s signature color.

“It’s grenadine, actual Tang, and rum,” said general manager Scott Hildebrand.

Red and orange Jello shots are available if that’s not potent enough.

And a hot dog and beer, which are both ballpark classics, will only cost you about $5.

“It’s been great for business, a lot of traffic, and we just installed a new 100-inch big screen TV.”

In Eado, East End Hardware deserves a toast for its so-called “Strotails.”

Each drink is made in honor of a different Astros player and features a tiny cut-out head perched on the top.

All of these businesses hope the team’s season has an even sweeter ending.