ATLANTA — Country: Hungary

Dish: Crepe

Location: Inman Park 

Stop: #25

With a mural of his family watching over him, Andrew Turoczi has created a haven of sorts in Inman Park. The intimate restaurant that is Julianna’s Coffee and Crepes features a select menu of crepes alongside an extensive heritage.   

“Julianna’s was named after my mom, and it was a way for me to connect to her, because I’m making the same stuff she did,” Turoczi told At the Table ATL. “She’s the one in the wedding dress in the mural.”

The family tradition continues with Turoczi and a recipe passed down through generations. At Julianna’s, customers will find Hungarian crepes known as “palacsinta” in variations ranging from ‘Pecan Pleasure’ and ‘Almand’s Joy’ to the traditional Farmer’s Special.

“We have the Farmer’s Special crepe, which is scrambled eggs, onions, peppers, and our traditional Hungarian sausage,” Turoczi said. 

“How does this dish represent Hungary?”

“This is what everybody’s having Saturday mornings,” Turoczi said.

The pop of paprika on the menu is also a nod to his home country.

“We have salt and paprika instead of salt and pepper,” he said. “Paprika and sunflower are our big two things that we use a lot.”

“How does this dish represent Atlanta?”

When Turoczi made Atlanta home, he discovered a culinary void he could fill as well as a chance to partially represent his native country and its heritage.  

“As big an international city as we are, there was not enough crepes,” Turoczi said. Even if it’s not the whole entire menu or spectrum of Hungarian foods, at least we have one decent Hungarian staple that’s in Atlanta.”

That staple has attracted its fair share of celebrity customers, too. 

“We’re busier every year,” Turoczi said. “Jesse Eisenberg came here…Kristen Bell’s been here. Donald Glover’s been here a few times.”

Never forgetting Sarah Marshall again! Kristen Bell came by for a crepe today. Always welcome