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Village Bakery's 'dog cake' helps raise money for local rescuer

It's the cake worth a double-take.

HOUSTON — One Houston business is stepping-up after hearing about a woman who's dedicated to helping stray and abused dogs and cats.

Her mission to care for animals in need inspired a bakery to raise money – and they did it with one incredible creation.

It's the cake worth a double-take.

“I was looking for a picture of a dog that was cute, and I saw this one and I said, man that's a cute dog,” Richard Jucker, owner of the Village Bakery, said.

Jucker set out to make this life-like sweet treat that had an even sweeter mission. 

The goal was to help raise money for independent rescuer and Houston native Alaina Rosenblatt with her mission is to help Houston’s stray dogs and cats.

“I pick them up. I take them to Mercy Animal Clinic, where they usually board until I can network...hopefully, I find a foster. And then eventually we find a 501 rescue to take them in and they go to their forever home," Rosenblatt said.

When the Village Bakery heard about this, they wanted to help.

"We were trying to think of a way that we could help her raise some money,” Jucker said. “She's got a pretty large veterinary bill and we thought, how can we help wittle that down? I'm a dog person, I got three dogs myself, they're all rescues. So I thought I’ll do a cake for her."

The three-layer, French vanilla masterpiece with cookies and cream filling, was auctioned off this week with every cent going to fund Rosenblatt’s rescues.

“I just feel honored that the Village Bakery has done this for me and, in turn, it will help so many animals,” Rosenblatt said.

The cake brought in $500 at auction, and the Village Bakery isn't stopping there.

They'll be selling doggie-themed cupcakes and cookies with all the proceeds going to help with medical care and vetting of stray and neglected animals.