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This cat named Zuko apparently works at this San Antonio H-E-B

There's a post on Reddit getting a lot of attention of a cat named Zuko.
Credit: u/bugbaby222, Reddit

SAN ANTONIO — UPDATE: Zuko has been sent home. Well, sort of. One of the H-E-B partners decided to adopt Zuko, purr-manently. 😹

The H-E-B on Potranco and Highway 1604 has a new employee. Well, sort of.

There's a post on Reddit getting a lot of attention of a cat named Zuko. They apparently work in the garden area as the photo shows them with a name tag sitting on top of a bag of Texas soil.

"Omg went to heb on potranco & 1604 and met the cutest worker!" the post by u/bugbaby222 says.

The Reddit group, which is all about San Antonio, has more than 80,000 members.

The comments are actually gold. They state things like:

Theportisinthemeat: I saw him last week. He is a good kitty. Very friendly but he did not know where to find carnation milk. Still the best employee. 

FletchLives1980: I would like to speak with the meownager. 

Bpfinsa: Those are the eyes of someone who wants to knock everything off of the shelves. 

Sci-fi-lullaby: Thats prince zuko to you all 

Ironically, one of KENS 5's reporters is named Erica Zucco. Erica, if you're reading this, you're both equally fabulous.

See the full Reddit post here.

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