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These squirrels are 'splooting' in this Texas heat

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus shared the first photo of the squirrel. Did you know "splooting" is a term used when animals lay with legs kicked back?

SAN ANTONIO — Everyone is trying to cool off, and that includes Texas's squirrels.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus tweeted a picture of a squirrel near City Hall. The animal was chilling in the shade!

He said he thought the animal was dead, but it ran off as soon as he tried to get close. And when McManus left, the squirrel was back trying to cool off again!

And it turns out, this wasn't the only squirrel in town trying to find some shade. Take a look at dozens of squirrels viewers shared of the animals taking a break from the heat:

There's an actual term for this called "splooting." It's when squirrels lay face down with all four paws on a cool surface to help lower their body temperatures. 

They can "sploot" on the ground, in trees or on roofs.

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