GALVESTON, Texas — Pelicans just trying to be good parents have been dropping out of the sky this week in Galveston.

Shannon Long was crossing the Causeway on her way to church Wednesday night when she saw a pelican descending in the distance. 

Before she had time to react, the bird crashed into her windshield. 

Long is thanking God she wasn't hurt.

“With that type of impact, it could’ve been way worse," Long said. "So the first thought through my mind was, 'Once again, thank you Lord that your angels have protected me.'"

Long said the wind was crazy Wednesday night.

Richard Gibbons, an expert with Houston Audobon, said the pelicans are likely nesting on nearby Deer Island, just south of the Causeway. 

The parents take turns commuting across the bridge to get food for their chicks. 

The wind from strong storms passing over the island likely caused turbulence that caught the pelicans by surprise, Gibbons said.

Our crew saw several dead pelicans as they drove across the Causeway Thursday. 

The brown pelicans were once on the endangered species list but were removed in 2009.