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Have you seen Junji? Katy woman has spent weeks searching for missing pet parrot

She has been calling for him, hanging up flyers and even knocking on doors and talking to neighbors.

HOUSTON — For several weeks now, a local woman has been searching high and low for her precious companion: a green Senegal parrot named Junji.

Taylor MacKay said Junji was flying around the garage when he was suddenly spooked and flew out of sight, leaving their home in the Raintree Village neighborhood in the Katy area.

That was about 9 a.m. on May 14.

Since then, MacKay has been desperately searching. She has been calling for him, hanging up flyers and even knocking on doors and talking to neighbors. She has been hoping someone — anyone — may have seen the little green bird. But so far, no Junji.

She got one lead a couple days ago.

"A lady in Westfield Estates/Terra said she saw him flying between her trees and a neighbors," MacKay told KHOU 11. "I've visited the sight several times with no luck, so I'm basically back to square one." 

It's been a heart-wrenching experience, MacKay said.

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"I brought Junji home right at the beginning of the pandemic, mid-April," MacKay said. "I’ve been working remotely, so I’ve spent every day, all day, with him for the past year."

The little parrot was just 5 weeks old when she found him at parrot shop in Cypress. He is her only parrot, and she hopes that someone will find him soon.

"They should contact me immediately," MacKay said. "He is most likely dehydrated and will need vet attention."

MacKay added that birds are sensitive to common household items such as non-stick pans, cleaners, strong fragrances, hair/cosmetic products, standing water, open flames and candles. She asked that Junji be kept outside until she arrives if you have these items inside your home.

"They should also avoid feeding him unless they‘re an experienced parrot owner who knows what foods are safe for them to eat. They are sensitive to many common foods," MacKay said.

Junji is green with a grey head and eyes. He is small with a yellow V on his abdomen.

If you find Junji, please call or text MacKay at (210) 859-9954.

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