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Meet Mercy: 8-week-old pup looking for loving home after man throws her into pond, burns her

The man who did this to Mercy is sitting behind bars. He is a two-time animal cruelty offender.

HOUSTON — A jolly and friendly 8-week-old pup is looking for a forever home after experiencing horrific animal abuse from a two-time animal cruelty offender.

Mercy the pup has had it rough.

While on a walk, a Channelview resident saw a man throw Mercy into a pond. She was struggling to make it back to dry ground because she couldn’t even walk yet.

When Mercy finally fought her way back to the bank, the witness said the man started applying pressure to her, causing her to cry in pain.

Mercy was able to escape and was later found in a brush near the pond.

The witness filed a report with the Harris County Animal Task Force and a Harris County Animal Cruelty investigator and a Precinct 5 deputy were able to serve Mercy and serve the man a seizure warrant.

Mercy was disoriented and seizing and had to quickly be rushed to an animal emergency room in northwest Houston for care and treatment. She suffered head and neck trauma. A medical team also discovered that Mercy had skin burns and lesions compatible with a melted plastic substance that had been dripped over her.

Mercy spent time recovering in foster care with the investigator who saved her.

At just 8-weeks-old she is fully recovered.

“You wouldn’t even know that she had once experienced cruelty,” said the Harris County Animal Shelter.

Her abuser is sitting in jail.

Mercy is ready to be adopted into a kind and loving home. She is at the Harris county Animal Shelter at 612 Canino Road.

The shelter is open for adoption weekdays from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and weekends from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.