LA PORTE, Texas — Lodka, the City of La Porte Police Department’s first K-9 officer, has passed away.

The city announced Lodka, who was retired, died peacefully Sept. 28. She served the La Porte community for seven years.

Here's the full statement from the City of La Porte:

La Porte Texas. Lodka, the City of La Porte Police Department’s first K-9, has passed away peacefully. On September 28, 2019, a dedicated and loving servant to the community succumbed to multiple health issues, following three happy years of retirement with the Arenivas family. 

Lodka, a Belgian Malinois, began her career in 2009, when the La Porte Police Department (LPPD) welcomed her into their ranks. She was instrumental in the seizure of vast quantities of both narcotics and their ill-gotten gains. Lodka competed exceptionally in several state and regional drug dog competitions during her time with the Department, including the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association’s (NNDDA) narcotic detection competition.  Lodka consistently placed in the top 10 of all K-9 teams represented at the annual NNDDA training conferences, with a first place win in 2010.

In April 2013, veterinary staff diagnosed Lodka as having a degenerative arthritic condition in the right elbow and both hip joints, but she continued to perform in drug interdiction. At the time, the Department veterinarian estimated Lodka’s remaining useful work life to be approximately two years. With the assistance of specialized treatment and medication, that prognosis was extended an additional year, until her retirement July 2016. Two other active K-9 teams continue to work hard to fill the void left by Lodka’s departure.  

The LPPD and the citizens of La Porte are in debt to Lodka for seven years of outstanding service.