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Beachgoers shocked by massive starfish spotted at Texas beach

Gray sea stars usually grow about 12 inches long and also have the ability to regenerate an arm.

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Beachgoers spotted something new crawling on another Texas beach recently.

Christine shared a video with KHOU 11 of a 'starfish' crawling along the coast in Port Aransas.

The gray sea star was using the little tubes on its feet to crawl along the sand, which is pretty common on the Texas coast. The video went viral on Facebook as people were shocked by the size of the starfish.

Sea stars only live in saltwater and usually prefer to stay about 130 feet below the water's surface on a soft sandy bottom, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. The gray sea star can grow up to 12 inches long and they also have the ability to regenerate an arm if they lose it.

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