FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas — Down in Fort Bend County, residents needed a truck for any chance at making it through the floodwaters and to their front doors on Wednesday.

Strong storms brought flooding to the area on Tuesday.

"It's something real fast," said Jesus Ortega. "The water went up so fast."

Jesus and his wife Olga then had to wade through the water to come face to face with the damage at their Needville home. 

"It's a lot of water, about 2 and a half feet," said Ortega. 

Several roads remain simply impassable, including Trinity Road. 

"It was pouring over here," said Kathy Dillard. "It was terrible."

This is the third time water flowed into Dillard's home. Last night's storm she says was worse than Hurricane Harvey. 

"During Harvey, it was only the very lower level that flooded, but this time the whole downstairs flooded," said Dillard.

And it's not just homes, but their animals too that families are worried about. Air 11 was over the scene as a woman scoured her property looking to rescue her dogs and cats. 

Horses are also still stuck in the floodwaters. Cattle is clinging to whatever patch of dry land they could find and there's not much. And more rain is coming.

"I'm panicking yes," said Dillard. "Everything is already devastated, so we have to deal with what we got."

For now, families are just working as fast as they can, hoping to salvage the little that's left before the next round moves in. 

"If it keeps raining, it will rise again," said Salvador Marin. "But we'll see what happens. God knows what will happen for us."