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12-year-old helps dad rescue snake at Houston apartment complex

A KHOU 11 employee noticed the snake and called a free service to remove it.

HOUSTON — Handling snakes runs in one Houston family. We saw that first-hand. But fascination in snakes is all over social media, and you can join in.

On Monday night, a KHOU 11 employee captured video of a snake at her apartment complex. To the rescue – Jeff Moore and his 12-year-old daughter. Moore is part of a free snake rescue and removal service here in Houston. You can learn more about it by joining the Facebook Group: Southeast Texas Snake ID.

You can see the video of Moore and his daughter capturing the snake above.

Moore and Franklin relocated the snake collected from the apartment complex to a wooded area far from homes. The rising 7th grader gushed over the opportunity to relocate a snake with her dad, “proud that I can actually do that in public with him.”

Moore shared his “proud dad” moment in a post on the Southeast Texas Snake ID Facebook page. “It's just a wonderful time.”

The Facebook page was created by Magnolia man Caleb Paul in 2015. Membership has grown beyond residents in southeast Texas. Paul says the main purpose of the social media page is to educate people about the reptiles.

“A majority of it is snake ID requests,” Paul said.

Moore works as one of the several moderators for the Facebook page. Moore is also among the members who offer to relocate snakes, for free.

He also offers this advice to help homeowners keep snakes from getting too close for comfort: “Keeping your grass that low, keeping your hedges trimmed about 10 to 12 inches off the ground, always looking, you know, before you put your hands anywhere.”

With knowledge, comes power. That’s why Moore is teaching his daughter how to read a snake’s behavior and identify various types of snakes.

“The snake is more fearful of you than you are of it,” Moore said.

So safely snap a photo, post a question to the Southeast Texas Snake ID Facebook Group and let the experts handle it, with care.