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Don't shoot! Seabrook city officials warn residents to leave feral hogs alone

Hogs will mostly leave humans alone, but if you're in a situation where they charge you or attack a domestic animal, you're asked to call Animal Control.

SEABROOK, Texas — Editor's note: The video above is about the feral hog problem in The Woodlands and aired on KHOU in January.

Packs of feral hogs have been spotted at Seabrook's Wildlife Park.

The park is off Red Bluff and the Seabrook Animal Control said it has received several calls regarding the sighting of packs of hogs.

City officials said the activity is not unusual but may cause apprehension to residents. They're warning people to be observant and aware of their surroundings.

Oftentimes, the hogs will leave humans alone unless they're provoked. If you see hogs, you're advised to not attempt to approach them and not to feed them.

It's against city ordinance to fire a gun in an attempt to kill a feral hog.

Residents who see feral hogs in neighborhoods, alleys or yards or see a hog charge at a human or attack a domestic animal is asked to call Animal Control via police dispatch at 281-291-5610. If the hogs are not threatening your personal property of wellbeing, there's no need to contact Animal Control.

About feral hogs

Feral hogs are omnivorous mammals. They feed primarily at night but may go out during the day in cold or wet weather.

Since they're mostly nocturnal, most of the time the only sign of their presence is wallowing, rubs and rooting.

Wallows are where the hogs roll in the mud. Rubs are made when the hogs scratch or rub themselves on tree trunks, telephone poles, fence posts and rocks. Mud and hair are often left clinging to whatever the hogs were rubbing. Rooting appears as if the soil has been plowed and takes place over a large area.

Click here for more information about the wildlife in Seabrook.

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