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Dog found chained during Imelda flooding has been adopted

KHOU 11 and the Houston SPCA teamed up to help find a home for the abandoned dog tied up near KHOU's rural transmitter during Imedla flooding.

Editor's note: The above video is from the original version of this story that aired Sept. 18 when this poor pup still needed a home.

HOUSTON -- Some happy news for your Sunday: "Cho-Larry," the poor dog who was found chained up to a fence as Imedla flooded Houston, has a new home.

The Houston SPCA on Sunday shared a photo of the kind woman giving Cho-Larry a second chance at life.

Credit: Houston SPCA
Cho-Larry has a new home

Cho-Larry was found nearly two weeks ago by a KHOU 11 engineer. As Tropical Storm Imelda bore down on Missouri City, someone tied the dog to a barbed wire fence, abandoning it near KHOU 11’s transmitter.

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Luckily, KHOU 11 engineer Jason Barnett was there to recuse the pup, who was just beside a ditch that was quickly filling with water.

“He was shivering. He was cold and had been here for probably a couple hours,” Barnett said. “There was no food. There was no water.”

Barnett gave the dog a few peanut butter crackers to gain his trust, then untied him and put him in his car.

“It breaks your heart, you know? It’s really sad to see an animal abandoned like that. No animal should be treated like that," he said.

Barnett was temporarily housing the dog at his home, much to his two sons' delight.

“He’s really playful,” said 9-year-old Thomas.

“He’s pretty much happy all the time,” added 7-year-old Nathan.

Barnett said he avoided giving him a name.

“I don’t want to get attached!” he said, saying they have too many animals already.

However, the kids came up with one on their own.

“I like to call him Chocolate, and my brother likes to call him Larry,” Thomas said. “We call him Cho-Larry! Chocolate. Larry. Cho-Larry!”

The Houston SPCA has agreed to take "Cho-Larry" in to ready him for adoption.

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