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Bald eagle released in Medina after month-long rehabilitation

The raptor was found at Overlake Golf and Country Club in Medina with injuries to its feet. It was released back to the golf course by PAWS on Wednesday.

MEDINA, Wash. — PAWS Wildlife Center released a bald eagle back into the wild yesterday after a month-long rehabilitation. 

The bird was found injured at Overlake Golf and Country Club in Medina. It had injuries to both of its feet which staff said likely resulted from a territorial dispute with another eagle. 

The bird's fracture was close to its joint, which can be more difficult to treat, according to the wildlife center. It was treated with a figure-eight wrap which immobilizes the wing and ensures the fracture healed correctly. 

The eagle was moved into a flight pen after nearly thirty days in rehabilitation and immediately demonstrated it was still able to fly. 

The bird was banded before it was released. Banding allows PAWS to track how animals that are re-released into the wild are performing. Collecting the data helps PAWS rehabilitators understand the factors that affect an animal's success after it's released and better prepare other birds for their return to the wild in the future. 

If you come across an injured eagle, Washington Fish and Wildlife asks you to contact PAWS or another certified rehabilitator.


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