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Baby okapi makes debut at Houston Zoo

The Zoo wants your help to choose a name for the adorable baby okapi.

HOUSTON — A baby okapi made her first public appearance at the Houston Zoo on Wednesday. 

The okapi introduced herself as she walked around her habitat with her mother close by. 

The newborn was bonding with her mom out of the public eye until now.

Her mother Sukari gave birth to her in the okapi yard on July 19, and, with mom's help, she was standing  on her own about an hour later. The calf was fathered by Kwame,  the zoo's other adult okapi.

Credit: John Register/Houston Zoo

The Zoo wants your help to choose a name for the baby okapi. Zookeepers have narrowed it down to four potential names, all of which are in Swahili: Keki (Cake), Hasira (Feisty), Pipi (Candy) and Kivuli (Shadow).

You can vote for your favorite name by donating at www.HoustonZoo.org. Every dollar donated is one vote for the chosen name.

You'll also be supporting efforts to helps animals in the zoo and out in the wild.

The name will be announced on Monday, Aug. 24 on the Zoo’s social media channels.


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