DEER PARK, Texas — Animal control officer arrested after allegedly neutering man’s cats

An animal control supervisor with the City of Deer Park has been accused of a bizarre crime.

Jeanna Hooker, 56, is charged with practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

According to court records, Hooker decided to neuter a couple of cats that were brought into the Deer Park Animal Control Shelter in late July.  She’s not a licensed vet.

A co-worker walked in on Hooker and notified their supervisor, saying the orange tabby cats appeared to be dead.

The cats were taken to an after-hours emergency clinic and treated.

Police say Hooker confessed and said she planned to keep the cats herself.

The man who dropped the cats off told police Hooker assured him they would be neutered by a veterinarian. The owner said he planned to pick up his cats at a later date.

Hooker has later arrested and has been fired by the City of Deer Park.

The cats are recovering and are expected to be reunited with their owner.