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Funeral held for teen sisters killed in Spring Break crash

HOUSTON - Thousands gathered at the funeral for the two young sisters killed in a car crash while with friends on Spring Break near Corpus Christi.

Twenty seven hundred family members and friends came together for the double funeral held for Brianna and Jade Robinson Saturday morning.

The sisters, Brianna, 19, and Jade, 17, were in the backseat of the vehicle at the time of the accident and were killed along with one of their friends Brittanie Johnson, 18.

The driver of the vehicle was the only survivor.

Friends remembered Brianna on Saturday as a girly girl with a big heart who loved to laugh.

"She had an infectious smile and a contagious laugh. I still feel like I just hear her laughing all the time." said Pereyra Williams, a friend of Brianna.

Her sister Jade was remembered as a fierce competitor at Bellaire High School.

She was a five-sport athlete who had received a college scholarship to play volleyball at Tennessee Wesleyan.

"Yes, she was bossy and loved playing the role of the coach, but it was all out of true love for the game." Williams said. "She always wanted the ball whether it was meant for her or not." she laughed.

At the service, their older brother addressed the problem of distracted driving, which was what authorities said was the cause of the deadly accident.

"This device is the device that our society has become glued to our hips. This device also can only take a moment and your life can be changed." he said.

Jade and Brianna were the only biological children their mother had.

The sisters shared a close bond in life, and are now forever connected in death.

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