Three years ago, Brock Walker was a 9-year-old motocross national champion. But he’s now 12 and racing just doesn’t get his engine going like it used to.

Instead, he’s cranked it up even more.

“I love it so much,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite things to do.”

Brock says a lot can change after you turn 12. Specifically, racing is no longer child’s play.

“Daddy can’t ride with him anymore, he’s way too fast,” said Brock’s father, Brian Walker, a former motocross racer himself.

He’s not only faster, he rides a bigger bike, has more wins, and is about to step up to the major leagues.

“He amazes me every day,” Brian said.

Next week, Brock will compete at the Loretta Lynn Nationals, held at the country singer’s ranch in Tennessee.

It’s the biggest race on the planet for amateur motocross riders.

“Loretta’s is where you have to shine,” Brock said. “That’s where all the big people are, all the sponsors. If you do good there, they’re going to look into you.”

With a good showing, Brock wouldn’t only add to his overwhelming collection of trophies, he could go a long way toward making this a career. Which is what he hopes to accomplish by the time he’s really old.

“Maybe 17, 18,” Brock said. “That’d be amazing. I’d be so excited.”

Retirement is almost calling already.