HOUSTON - An 'army' of volunteers helped rebuild the flood damaged home of a World War II veteran.

We first met 99 year-old Bill Fly about two months ago.

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“I was a first lieutenant,” said Fly back in early September, just days after Harvey destroyed his longtime suburban Houston home. It was not covered by flood insurance.

“Hard to realize that used to be in my house,” said Fly as he pointed a huge pile of debris in his front yard.

Fly’s home was been completely renovated since then.

“He is going to spend the night in his home again,” said Melanie Luttrell. We watched as Luttrell and others put the finishing touches on the project before a big reveal.

Her husband, Marcus Luttrell, is a fellow veteran and inspiration for the book and movie “Lone Survivor.” His organization, Team Never Quit, didn't quit until Mr. Fly’s home was move-in ready before his 100th birthday next week.

“People came from San Antonio, from Dallas, all over to pitch in on this project,” said Luttrell. “It was really cool.”

Through it all, Luttrell said Mr. Fly was the real trooper.

“We will not be strangers after this,” said Luttrell.

He’s very appreciative of those who made it their mission to rebuild his home. Mr. Fly lost his wife of nearly 70 years just this past May - it’s been a really tough year for him.

His family said getting him back in his home will help him tremendously.