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WATCH: Houston toddler obsessed with Astros

Corey's mom says he learned all the batter stances just by being a huge fan and watching all the games.

TOMBALL, Texas – So you think you’re an Astros fan?

This 2.5 year old may have you beat!

Blogger Lilly Gorman tweets, “Our son is the @astros biggest fan! This kiddo loves them so much, he memorized their batting stances! Not bad for a 2.5 year old! #astros #NeverSettle”

And they have the video to prove it. Watch the full video above or tap here.

Gorman, who blogs at pineapplehouserules.com, tells KHOU 11:

His name is Corey, and he genuinely learned that just by watching Astros’ games. He’s literally obsessed! We are big fans (even though mom grew up a Rangers fan), but we’ve never pushed baseball or the Astros! He will sit and watch as much of every game as he possibly can. Every time an Astros player is up to bat, Corey will practice batting like them and watch himself in the reflection of the fireplace. We also may or may not have bases set up around our living room so he can “run his home runs.”

WATCH: Toddler obsessed with Astros attends game courtesy of A.J. Hinch

KHOU 11 spoke with the proud parents on Tuesday and asked them how it all came about.

"I like to watch the games, so he started one day sitting down and watching them too." said the toddler's dad, Jon Gorman. "A couple of weeks ago, he said - 'Look, Dad. I'm Yuli. He did the Yuli stance where his arms were up in the air and his body was rotated back and we just died laughing."

Now the little boy can mimic the whole roster - pretty much on command.

He learned each players' stance…watching the Astros from the baseball diamond in his living room.

"I mean it's awesome. I have a little buddy I can watch sports with all the time." said Jon Gorman.

People who have watched and retweeted it love the video as much as Corey loves the Astros.

I hope the @Astros players see this....love to see @ABREG_1 and some of the others take pictures with this kid...he’s going to be a ballplayer

— Sandy Silvers (@SanMan1946) August 14, 2018

Wow. Future MLB player too

— SMM (@meemes17) August 14, 2018

That kid is incredible. His future his really bright.

— bgfalcon91 (@Bgfalcon91) August 14, 2018

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