DICKINSON, Texas — Tobi Holthusen and her daughter Lyda love to beachcomb. They even have a summer bucket list of things they’d like to find.

It didn’t take long to scratch off item #1: A camera.

surfside camera_1532028337660.jpg.jpg
Tobi Holthusen and her daughter Lyda found this waterproof camera on the county beach near Surfside. Now they're trying to track down its owner. (Tobi Holthusen photos)

The camera had washed ashore on the county beach near Surfside.

Tobi and Lyda pried open the roughed up waterproof case and were delighted to discover the camera still works.

Now, they're determined to return it to its rightful owner.

PHOTOS: Lost camera contains photos from 2013 dive trip

The memory card is full of photos from a 2013 dive trip. Most of the pictures show a man and two boys scuba diving. It looks like a once-in-a-lifetime trip and they must have been crushed to lose the photos that documented it.

Tobi has been doing some detective work to solve the mystery.

One of the boats in the background was traced to Mauritius, a French Republic Island near Africa.

Tobi has reached out to several dive charters in that area and is waiting to hear back.

If you recognize the guys in the pictures or know anyone who went scuba diving off Mauritius and lost a camera, contact us at web@khou.com and we'll put them in touch with Tobi.

And for those of you wondering, the camera is an Intova and it’s sells for $54.99 on Amazon.

If the company is smart, they’ll be contacting Tobi and Lyda to do a commercial about the camera that takes a licking and keeps on clicking.